Another shred-filled summer at High Cascade Snowboard Camp! Despite a severe lack of snow, the High Cascade Diggers maintained the park, keeping it Authorized Awesome and keeping skiers out. This was the best year at camp that I have had (and the last year!)

I picked up a few new tricks while polishing a few old ones. I learned fast plants “the doghouse” (mini A-frame) which is weird compared to fast plants on boxes, because you have to rotate your whole body to get the right angle. Pretty stoked about nailing this trick! I also polished my cab-one-on-to-one-off on a flat box, which is a trick I was practicing last season on flat rails.

I had fun making up for a very short winter season due to the California drought and hanging out with Frayo. We got to session together and we even got some shots on one of the features. It was a rad week with rad people – thanks to all the High Cascade Snowboard Camp staff for making the past 6 summers Authorized Awesome. Counting down the days until winter is here!  (Photos: CTN Visual- Hushaw Marissa High Cascade II