Nationality:  USA

Riding since:  I was 7 and tossed my skis in the trash where they belong… I was a terrible skier

Home resort:   China Peak!

Best trick:   cab-1 on to 1 off, its my go-to trick for rails and boxes when I just want to cruise


Sponsors:  Santa Cruz, FitAID, Heat Wave Visual… and my parents. duh.

Favorite board:  my all time favorite board is the Salba Tiger- Not only does it look sick with its classic design, but it rides like no other

Favorite trick:  I love one footed tricks! Anything one footed is rad because it takes a while to master  but once you’ve got it you’re golden, pony boy

Favorite spot:  I will never tell- it’s a secret

Favorite rider:  Scott Stevens is tha MAN! He inspires me to throw down as many one footed tricks as possible. I also love Desiree Melancon, she slays and throws down harder than any other, plus her art is tight. Basically, all the people who work/hang out at High Cascade in the summer are my favorites

Favorite snowboard movie:  Chulksmack is a classic and will always be number 1 in my heart, coming in second would be Flavor Country, then Team Vacation, and any Video Grass and Think Thank movie.

If I could change one thing about snowboarding today, that would be:  The negative stereotypes! Not all of us are thugs! OH, and the fact that theres this “thing” where some people think girls don’t throw down as hard as guys in the park? Those people should meet my lady friends and I, and play a game of “S-N-O-W.” Or go watch a Peep Show movie…. (Its all girls snowboarding, and its sick.)

What has snowboarding taught me:  How to make friends in every situation! It has also taught me to be patient, and don’t take winter for granted… snow is sort-of-kind-of one of those things where you have to get it when its good, because when its gone its gone.

What are the main goals in my snowboarding career:  I am planning on competing at a collegiate level on the Sierra Nevada College team; besides that I just want to spread the stoke and have fun weather its in competing or just shreding with my homies

3 things I can’t live without:  Snowboarding, my contact lenses (im freaking blind you guys), good friends, my family, boyfriend, and my dog!

3 alternate things: Love, Support, Family. (friends are family)