SHAPE:  Camber
BOARD OUTLINE:  Asymetric Twin
RIDING STYLE:  Freecarve, All Mountain

SIZES:  149 | 252w – 152 | 254w – 155 | 254w – 158 | 256w

Flex 6/10
Torsion 7/10

CONSTRUCTION:  Poplar HCM+ – Xenogen Triax 45 – Super Speed S8000

The ASYMETRIC AXX takes a look back to iconic Santa Cruz Snowboard designs featuring an asymetric sidecut with a camber twin profile. The heelside radius is slightly tighter than the toe side edge. This delivers progressive heel-side performance and accelerates you when you switch to your toe-side turn.

The results deliver power and precision allowing you to handle pipe transitions and big kickers with more speed than ever. A visually intriguing design with riding benefits you will feel no matter what terrain you’re charging.

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Product Description




FIBRE LAMINATE:  Xenogen Triax Tech Laminate 45+  –  Some extra to form precision and control to get you off the lip and deliver response and feel that is simply pure power ride.

CORE:  HCM +  –  Homogen tip to tail woodcore combined with xenon triax 45 laminate. The classic skate style construction for people searching for best quality and solid construction.


BASE:  Super Speed S8000  –  Superfast and durable. Highest speed combined with highest strength. Nano-additives boost acceleration up to formula one limits.