SHAPE:  Camber
RIDING STYLE:  Slopestyle

SIZES:  147 | 242w – 150 | 247w – 154 | 251w – 158 | 253w

colors:  black – red

Flex  6/10
Torsion 7/10

CONSTRUCTION:  Poplar HCM – Hetero Biax 30 – Speed X3000

DA BOMB combines camber pop with of a softer, more forgiving flex for limitless fun in any terrain. A True Twin shape that delivers Freeride performance with a Slopestyle attitude.

Flex into / out of park features, carve hard for a burst of speed, or lean back in powder and enjoy the ride.

Da Bomb offers riders of all ability the best value for their buck.

ARTIST: Jimbo Phillips Jr. Instagram: @jimbophillips

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Product Description


FIBRE LAMINATE:  Hetero Biax Tech Laminate 30+  –  Superlight and balanced configuration for the boards in our line for easy ride with intermediate pop and playful ride.


CORE:  HCM  –  Homogen tip to tail woodcore combined with hetero biax tech laminate.


BASE:  Speed X3000  –  Fast, durable and easy to repair. Base material with high wax absorbing molecular characteristic and solid abrasion resistance results in good speed performance with high level of strength and durability.