SHAPE:  Combo Camber
RIDING STYLE:  Freeride, Backcountry

SIZES:  146 | 244w – 150 | 246w – 153 | 247w – 155 | 249w – 157 | 251w

CONSTRUCTION:  Poplar HCM+  – Xenogen Triax 45 – Speed X5000

The MEDUSA transports you back to the origins of snowboarding style of surfing deep powder and charging steep backcountry lines. This True Twin shape has been upgraded with Xenogen Triax glass laminates for more pop and high torsion stability that gives the board tremendous edge grip in harsh or icy terrain. Wide models offer extra floatation and firm edge grip for riders with bigger feet.

ARTIST: Cody Melick Instagram: @pitchgrim

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Product Description



FIBRE LAMINATE:  Xenogen Triax Tech Laminate 45+  –  Some extra to form precision and control to get you off the lip and deliver response and feel that is simply pure power ride.

CORE:  HCM+  –  Homogen tip to tail woodcore combined with Xenogen Triax Tech laminate. The classic skate style construction for people searching for best quality and solid construction.

BASE:  Speed X5000  –  High molecular density combined with good wax absorbing capability and high abrasion resistance. Added strength for rail and off slope rides.