SHAPE:  Camber
RIDING STYLE:  Freestyle, Pipe

SIZES:  149 | 247w – 151 | 249w – 154 | 251w – 157 | 253w

COLORS:  green – yellow

CONSTRUCTION:  Poplar HCM – Xenogen Triax 45 – Super Speed S8000

The ROCK HAND features camber construction on a true twin shape. Power steering-like response and stability for high speed runs, pipe riding and launching off monster kickers. Throw your hands in the air and rock out with the ROCK HAND!

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Product Description

Rock Hand Techs



FIBRE LAMINATE:  Xenogen Triax Tech Laminate 45+  –  Some extra to form precision and control to get you off the lip and deliver response and feel that is simply pure power ride.


CORE:  HCM  –  Homogen tip to tail woodcore combined with hetero biax tech laminate. The classic skate style construction for people searching for best quality and solid construction.


BASE:  Super Speed S8000  –  Superfast and durable. Highest speed combined with highest strength. Nano-additives boost acceleration up to formula one limits.