SHAPE:  Camber
RIDING STYLE:  Freestyle, Pipe

SIZES:  149 | 247w – 151 | 249w – 154 | 251w – 157 | 253w

COLORS:  green – yellow

CONSTRUCTION:  Poplar HCM – Xenogen Triax 45 – Super Speed S8000

The ROCK HAND features camber construction on a true twin shape. Power steering-like response and stability for high speed runs, pipe riding and launching off monster kickers. Throw your hands in the air and rock out with the ROCK HAND!

The Rock Hand is Jimbo Philips design variation of the famous Screaming Hand Illustration featured on the actual snowboard line

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Product Description

Rock Hand Techs



FIBRE LAMINATE:  Xenogen Triax Tech Laminate 45+  –  Some extra to form precision and control to get you off the lip and deliver response and feel that is simply pure power ride.


CORE:  HCM  –  Homogen tip to tail woodcore combined with hetero biax tech laminate. The classic skate style construction for people searching for best quality and solid construction.


BASE:  Super Speed S8000  –  Superfast and durable. Highest speed combined with highest strength. Nano-additives boost acceleration up to formula one limits.