Nationality:  Swedish
Riding since:  1990
Home resort:  Åre, Sweden
Best trick:  Sw Bs 900


Sponsors:  Santa Cruz, Landing Headwear

Favorite board:  The Barbed wire 156 for jibs, The Screaming hand 157 for park and The Comic 158 for powder.

Favorite trick:  Miller flip

Favorite spot:  The G-spot;) I love riding in Laax, they have a sick park and the backcountry is awesome! Another sick spot is Folgefonna in Norway, where you have the the perfect combo of slushy park in the day and chilling by the ocean in the evening.

Favorite rider:  The guy on the hill with the biggest smile on his face is my favourite! Joakím Baldó from Spain is the most motivated rider I know, he lives in a tent in Norway all summer just to snowboard.

Favorite snowboard movie:  Nowadays i get a lot more inspired by watching short edits since its easier to relate to than big productions. I get really stoked by watching The Yawgoons! They really make something good out of nothing.

If I could change one thing about snowboarding today, that would be:  The level of snowboarding today is crazy high! It is good with progression to be motivated for sure. But there is a thin line between motivation and frustration. So my change would be that everyone would remember that at the end of the day it´s all about having fun!

What has snowboarding taught me:  Snowboarding is a perfect way to travel the world, to see new places and to meet new people! That has taught me to really appreciate our beautiful nature and to enjoy these moments together with friends.

What are the main goals in my snowboarding career:  To keep being motivated and have fun on my board together with friends until I’m grey and old!

3 things I can’t live without:  Good Food, Love,

Plans for the season:  This season I will try to get the most out of street riding with new creative spots. I will also cruise around Scandinavia for park events and hopefully score som pow in Europe!