From the flu of the person infected with a virus it is possible to catch at distance of 6 meters and less. Most of experts considers that viruses of flu extend in mainly airborne way, at cough, sneezing or conversation with other people. Drops can get to a mouth or a nose of the interlocutor. Less often the person can catch flu, having touched a surface or object with a flu virus, and then own mouth, an eye or a nose.

For protection from infections should be washed hands with water and soap often. At their inaccessibility it is possible to use alcohol for washing of hands. Used by the patient bed linen, tableware and ware shouldn’t be used by healthy people before careful cleaning of these things. The dishes can be washed in the dishwasher or manually, in washing separately from other table subjects there is no need.

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Signs of serious allergic reaction can include difficulty of breath, a hoarseness, hypostases round eyes or lips, pallor, weakness, fast heartbeat or dizziness. Besides, after vaccination it is necessary to watch any unusual manifestations, such as high temperature or change of behavior. At emergence of unusual feelings after vaccination against flu address to the doctor. Report as when occurred, and also date of the carried-out vaccination. So it is better to apply Generic Diflucan buy online.