Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a rad summer, I know I have! Lots of traveling, my recent adventure was returning to Mt.Hood to spend my 5th summer learning new tricks and polishing up old ones. Always rad to ride with professionals! Got to meet Kevin Pearce, that dude has quite a story, even got to watch his movie “The Crash Reel” with him!
The conditions on hill were perfect. Warm, but with a breeze- couldn’t ask for better summer snowboarding conditions ha! I spent alot of time in the pipe, and I have gotten pretty good at it! I also perfected my spins in the “lap park” (the 2nd HCSC park which is a perfect line of jumps and hips.) Aside from that, I practiced maximizing my ollie-height, its always good to practice the little things! Now that im back home, I cant wait for winter!
From summer shredding, getting better at skating, eating ice cream, and playing in the foam pit… High Cascade Snowboard Camp has never failed at making my summer the best summer ever! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my summer 🙂 Stay rad!

Marissa Hushaw

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