First off, sorry about the Broncos getting their asses handed to them in the Super(Stoner)bowl by the Seahawks…did you watch the game?
Nope, I don’t like football

What sports do you follow?
Hockey, Surfing

What board are you riding right now? How’s it treating you?
Bubble Graffiti 158 – its been treating me well all over the mountain. it can take whatever i put in front of it.

Whats your Local mountain and some the the home town heroes?
Beaver Creek, CO – Jason Rutherford, Rob Bak, Rodriguez brothers, all the Buzz’s Boards homies.

How’s the snow sitch in Colorado? Where have you been riding lately?
Colorado has been getting more snow than its seen in the past 3 year! I’ve been riding all over the state cuz everywhere is deep right now.

Some people name their cars, boats – Do you have a name for your snowmobile?
Her name is Betty, and Betty’s got a big booty – 163 inch track.

Best thing about owning a snowmobile? Worst thing?
Best thing is you can avoid those lift lines on the weekend and the worst thing is how expensive gas/oil/upkeep can be.

Any pets? What tricks do the know how to do?
Bowser Bates, Shiba Inu- 5 years old. Mans best friend! Pet tricks include high five, shake, up on two legs, fetch, ignore your owner and being a ladies man.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen in the back-country?
In Jackson, WY I saw an all white ferret pop its head out of the snow right next to my snowmobile and run into the trees.

Who is the most annoying person in the world right now, why?
Nancy Grace will always be the most annoying person in the world.

Is there anyone in the news who you think needs a good old fashioned beat down?
Justin Beiber is just the first that comes to mind.

Weed is legal now in Colorado, do you smoke more or less than before?
Probably about the same, moderation is the key to life.

Can you cook? What’s your best dish?
I can cook almost anything with meat in it. My favorite right now is Elk Burger but my all time favorite thing to cook is thanksgiving dinner, although I hate the clean up after cooking a feast like that!

2014 is the 25th Anniversary for SC Snowboards – who’s your favorite SC Pro of all time?
Josh Malay