Nothing beats a solid wood core for durability, longevity and performance. That’s why every Santa Cruz Snowboard features our “tip-to-tail” woodcore construction.

Over time, nothing else maintains the shape better for the life of a snowboard – trust us! Slide it, press it, flex it. Santa Cruz boards are built to last so all you need to focus on is what your next line will be once you get to the top!


– Xenogen Triax Tech Laminate 45+

Some extra to form precision and control to get you off the lip and deliver response and feel that is simply pure power ride.


– Hetero Biax Tech Laminate 30+

Superlight and balanced configuration for the boards in our line for easy ride with intermediate pop and playful ride.


– Hetero Biax Tech Laminate 45+

Light with increased pop performance. Used for boards targeting kicker rides, big jumps and cruising fun.


– HCM Fly

Homogen poplar matrix with three lightweight stringers. Super light construction, smooth and easy to ride.



Homogen tip to tail woodcore combined with hetero biax tech laminate. The classic skate style construction for people searching for best quality and solid construction.


– Bamboo Power Lyte

Tip to Tail Woodcore wrapped with double triax glasfibre layer and natural bamboo topsheet. Torsionally rigid and durable construction developed for steep backcountry rides with extra power force in all terrain.


– Speed X3000

Fast, durable and easy to repair. Base material with high wax absorbing molecular characteristic and solid abrasion resistance results in good speed performance with high level of strength and durability.


– Speed X5000

High molecular density combined with good wax absorbing capability and high abrasion resistance. Added strength for rail and off slope rides.


– Super Speed S8000

Superfast and durable. Highest speed combined with highest strength. Nano-additives boost acceleration up to formula one limits.


Santa Cruz offers several shape options to meet specific rider and performance needs. From Rocker shapes that work with you and offer quick edge to edge turn initiation for easier spins and rotations off jumps to traditional camber shapes for stability at high speeds and pipe riding.

We continue to listen to our rider’s feedback and demands, testing and refining what works, fine tuning shapes and profiles that deliver enhanced rider benefits. Wide shapes meet the needs of riders with bigger feet or those looking for better floatation in powder.


Cambered boards are the go-to shapes for stability and reliable edge control. The preferred shape of our pipe riders, there’s no substitute for camber control at high speeds on groomed slopes. Many advanced riders choose camber shapes for these reasons and favor camber boards for jumps in parks and pipe. Available on the EYE GORE, ROCK HAND, BAR WARS, RASTA TRIBE, SCREAMING HAND, TATTOOED HAND and SRX models.


The Surf Rocker looks back to the surf roots of Santa Cruz and offers the most extreme rocker shape in the lineup. The Surf Rocker floats with ease in powder, turns on a dime and performs like no other in the park making even the smallest jibs more fun. Surf Rocker – surf the snow!
Available on the SKATA KURB and GREMLIN COLLAGE models.


The Snap! Rocker is a mellow rocker shape, which is like a combination of camber and rocker. Ideal to jib the park, float pow turns, lay down a solid edge on groomers or spin off monster kickers. The Snap! Rocker adjusts to your needs, enhancing your riding experience. The Snap! is a fan favorite.
Available on the HEAD DRESS and BARBED WIRE models.


The Go Big! Rocker is a mind-blowing shape that has surprised many riders. It offers stability at high speeds, grip on steep, icy slopes yet also rules it in the park and handles big air tricks with ease. Once you experience the GoBig!, you may never want to ride anything else!
Available on the EYE and SHRED TILL DEAD models.


This new shape offers improved floatation in powder with a sweet inclined nose and tail that helps the
rider stay on top while maintaining great maneuverability. The mid section camber adds a lot of pop into
the board, allows continuous edge contact for steep, groomed slopes and remains responsive and stable
for difficult tricks. Available on the POWER LYTE, MUMMY and PURE RIDE models.